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I’m not so sure what I want my research topic to be on but I like the idea of language changing over time( slang, sentence structure, word structure), differentiating and finding the origin of accents, and codeswitching and the way speech patterns change. I find myself more interested in accents and dialects I’m just not sure how I would find or write a research paper on that topic itself.

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  1. Hi Angelique – If you want to work on accents and dialects, one thing you can do is choose a particular variety of English that you’re interested in, and write about its development. For instance, you might want to work on New Orleans English or Newfoundland English (both of which are pretty interesting varieties).

    Another thing that might tie in your interest in language change is trying to work towards figuring out when different dialects and/or accents first became noticeably different to outsiders. Like, when did Americans start noticing (and writing) “People in England talk differently than us,” and vice versa? When did Americans from the north first start talking about a noticeable southern accent? It might be difficult to research that sort of thing, but it would be interesting to know more about.

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